"My arthritis doesn't bother me from riding. I've had my Gizmo for three years and I love it!!"  D. Dahlheimer

"I use my Gizmo all the time... Though the woods, on the packed trails... It's great!!"   B. Davis

"I wish I had a Gizmo years ago. It's nice to ride all day and not suffer from Throttle thumb."  L.W. Jones

"I rode from Tok to Dawson, 200 miles each way, my Gizmo was sweet."  N. Olson

"... Want you to know I just got back from a 250 mile ride which occurred over a period of a day and a half.  Without your lever, I would not have made it.  I used it more than the standard lever.  I hope that you are providing other Ski-Doo riders with that type of relief.  Thanx again."   G. Polk

"My dad is 88 years and still rides a 600cc Arctic Cat. He has arthritis in his wrist and was finding it hard to ride long distances until I put the Throttle Gizmo on his sled. Now he can ride 150 to 200 miles in a day. Thanks for giving us the pleasure of our dad's company on the trails... PS. I am putting them on my wife's and my son's in-law's sleds for next winter."  B. Carlton

"I just got in tonight 1/7/05 after a short 60 mile ride with my son. I have a 99 Ski Doo MXZ 600 that I hated to ride that far because my thumb and hand would get so sore I couldn't stand it. With your throttle gizmo my sled will run up to 65 MPH and if you want to go faster grab the standard throttle and go. My hand isn't sore or tired I just love it, it's a joy to ride. This thing works great and simple to install. Thank you very much."  D. Redmann

I just wanted you to know that I  thought I would never ride  again
because of the thumb pain I had  using the throttle on my snowmobile.   BUT I
ordered your  Throttle Gizmo, just got back from sledding 590 miles WITHOUT  

Just ordered my third gizmo.  I have one on my 2002 Blade(Polaris type)) I have put over 18,000 miles on using it and one on my 2010 Ski Doo(1700 miles) and now one for a 2012 New Polaris.  My fiancĂ© and I both have arthritis in our thumbs and can ride all day with no pain. and we are seniors that ride up to 200 miles a day in Michigan.  l Would not have a sled without it. I am going on a trip to U.P. this week and put the one from the Blade on New Polaris until the new one arrives.  It fits perfectly.

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